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Puppy Information

At The Pet Store, we take pride in our store kennel.  

The good health and well being of the pets in our care is our utmost goal. Currently, we have six full and part time Kennel Technicians whose sole job is to continuosly monitor our puppies. There is a staff member in our kennel from two hours before we open until store closing. They spend time cleaning, sanitizing, feeding, grooming and conducting additional tasks. They are also responsible for giving medications, recording weights and charting health.

We are licensed through the PA Department of Agriculture, Office of Dog Law and inspected multiple times a year. We are proud to say we have never faced a warning or infraction since opening in July of 1998.

If you would like to see our kennel, talk to a manager and time allowing, we would be glad to give you a quick tour or explain any of our procedures in detail.

We use a local veterinarian to examine each new arrival thoroughly. After they have been checked by the veterinarian and issued a health certificate, they are started on a regimen of deworming medications for intestinal parasites and given a 30-day treatment of Frontline Plus flea & tick medication.

After a few days of rest, we allow our puppies to come out and play with our customers. Keeping in mind they are new, sometimes we have to regulate how often they are handled each day. Remember, they are babies!

All of our puppies are sent to their new home with a completed schedule of vaccinations. Most of the time, this includes Neopar (Parvo Virus), LCI-GP, DA2PPV (puppy boosters) and IntraNasal (Kennel Cough) immunizations. If a puppy is nearing 16 weeks of age when he is in our care, a veterinarian or certified staff member will administer rabies per PA State Law guidelines on a weekly basis. 

In addition to their vaccinations, de-wormings, vet examination and health guarantee, our puppies are sent home with a complimentary bag of Earthborn Holistic puppy food. This is the food we feed all of the puppies while in our care. It is important to continue feeding this brand of food after the puppies leave our care to prevent stress on their bellies. We encourage you to continue feeding this brand of food, but if you should decide to change brands, this free bag will allow you to gradually switch foods. We also offer frequent buyer programs on our dog/ cat food. 

When you decide to take a puppy home, we like to take you around our store on a "puppy walk" and teach you about products we recommend for new puppies. You are absolutely not required to purchase anything, but we are all about educating and teaching our customers.  We want our customers to return to us for food, toys, treats and advice. We have a lot of experience and recommendations for housebreaking, chewing and other common puppy 'problems'.

If you are considering a new puppy, we recommend you bring the entire family to socialize with the puppy. Finding the right pet for your family is important to us. We encourage all customers to make the decision carefully to bring a new puppy home. A new puppy is very similar to an infant and must be cared for at all times. You must be willing to dedicate your time to caring for this infant.

If you have ANY question at all during this process, please do not hesitate to contact any of our managers. They are more than willing to sit down and talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, we want to find the right puppy for your family.


 What comes with a Puppy

All of our puppies go home with a full puppy package. This includes:
  • Up to Date Immunizations
  • Veterinarian Health Examination
  • Veterinarian Health Certificate
  • De-worming Regimen
  • 30 Day Treatment of Frontline Plus Flea & Tick upon entering our store
  • 10 Day Health Guarantee (Injuries, Illnesses)
  • 30 Day Health Guarantee (Congenital, Hereditary Defects)
  • Free Bag of Earthborn Puppy Vantage Holistic Puppy Food
  • ACA or ICA Registration Certificate
  • Microchip Insertion and Lifetime Activation
  • K9 Master Class Training Membership
  • Unlimited Puppy Education and Advice


We get new puppies every Tuesday. They are made available Wednesday afternoon after they've been examined by the vet, started on preventative medications and been acclimated for a bit.


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