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Applicants should read the following information carefully before filling out any of the questions in this form. In accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we do not discriminate because of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age (if over 40 years of age), handicap, disability, marital status, or unfavorable military discharge.

*Please do not call to check the status of an application. When a position becomes available we will schedule interviews based on the information you have provided. Thank you.

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Hire is subject to PA Labor Laws If hired, can you provide the documents required to prove you are authorized to work in the United States?
Have you ever been convicted of any crimes, other than minor traffic violations?

*If Yes the nature of the crime(s), when and where convicted and disposition of the case. “Will explain at interview” is not an acceptable disposition.




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Conditions of Employment:

You must be willing and able to accept the conditions listed below in order to be successful in this job. If you are not willing or able to accept ALL of these conditions, do not apply. By submitting your application, you are indicating you are willing and able to: work on Saturday and Sunday. Normal workweek is seven days a week including Saturday and Sunday. Normal store hours are 8am until 7pm. Work schedules are posted nat least a week in advance. Work schedules are subject to change. Employee will unload shipments of merchandise and live animals. This involves lifting, carrying and stacking, using a hand truck, and climbing a ladder. Unloading is usually a 4-6 hour operation. You must also lift and carry merchandise up to 50 pounds. Employee will be responsible for using a manual and computerized cash register and being financially responsible for the money in the cash drawer. Employee will be responsible for custodial duties, such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows and lavatories, and removing ice and snow. Employee is responsible for handling and caring for puppies, kittens, small animals, fish, birds and reptiles.

I understand that the company will thoroughly investigate my work and personal history and verify all data given on the application, on related papers, in interviews. I authorize all individuals, school, and firms named within, except my current employer if so noted, to provide any information requested about me, and I release them from liability for damage in providing this information.

I understand that nothing contained in the application or conveyed during any interview which may be granted is intended to create an employment contract between me and The Pet Store. In addition, I understand and agree, if I am employed, my employment is for no definite or determinable period and may be terminated at any time, without prior notice, at the option of either myself or The Pet Store, and that no promises or representations contrary to the foregoing are binding on The Pet Store unless made in writing and signed by me and the Company President.


Hire is subject to PA Labor Laws


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  • Friday- Saturday:      10am- 7pm

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